The Ultimate Grilled Cheese Sandwich

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Published on: September 8, 2016

 Grilled cheese, cheese toastie, toasted cheese sandwich, how ever you refer to it – this simple and tasty meal is easy to make.  To make our ultimate grilled cheese sandwich we need the right ingredients, while this may be subjective to some, everyone knows that Gruyere is the ultimate melting cheese and that Red Leicester is better than Cheddar.  All we need is a third cheese to add a bit more flavour and my personal[…]

Coriander Battered Prawns

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Published on: March 28, 2013

 I got a cookbook on coriander for my secret santa gift at work.  My “santa” knew I wasn’t the biggest fan of coriander but also knew that I liked to cook and ran this site… so it was a smart choice.  I’ve taken it as a challenge.  I don’t hate coriander, I just find people dump large quantities of the stuff on curries or other dishes without much thought, large amounts of coriander end up tasting like[…]

The Pigskin Burger

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Published on: February 11, 2013

 Following one of my favourite Chef’s Richard Blais, I found a series of Burgers that he is currently showcasing on YouTube for Tasted.  One in particular was the Pigskin burger ahead of the Superbowl; It looked amazing!  See the video here. Sadly there isn’t a detailed recipe for this burger – the video gives us a good idea what it involves but there isn’t an exact method or list of ingredients.  So not only do I[…]

Pappardelle alla Bolognese

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Published on: November 7, 2011

 “Spagbol” it has to be one of my most loathed terms.  It represents all that is wrong with British-Italian cooking.  Spaghetti with a bolognese sauce?  Every time you tell an Italian to try the spaghetti bolognese, they will look at you like you are some kind of freak.  Spaghetti just doesn’t pick up a lot of meat sauce, it works for a marinara sauce but not for a meat based sauce.  If you are making bolognese it should[…]

Mushroom & Artichoke Risotto

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Published on: October 23, 2011

 I’m probably not the best person to ask when it comes to making vegetarian meals.  I generally feel duped when I find a meal doesn’t involve meat.  Most chefs who aren’t vegetarians themselves don’t enjoy having to serve up meals for vegans.  I recently watched an old episode of Top Chef: Masters where the four chefs had to cook lunch for Zooey Deschanel – the catch?  She is a vegan, who is also gluten intolerant. […]

Spaghetti alla Carbonara

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Published on: October 16, 2011

 Carbonara has to be one of my favourite Italian dishes.  It’s so simple but incredibly tasty.  Sadly a lot of restaurants get it horribly wrong.  It must be a British thing but there does seem to be a propensity to add cream to a Carbonara or stranger yet mushrooms?  Carbonara is not meant to be a white sauce otherwise it would be “Spaghetti with a Bacon, White Wine and Mushroom sauce”.  And if that was[…]

Baked Egg with Polenta Fritters, Roast Tomatoes and Fried Chicken

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Published on: October 2, 2011

 I’m not entirely sure where the idea for this recipe came from.  I didn’t have anything listed for the Saturday in my menu so I had to come up with something there and then.  As it happened my new cookbook arrived “How to cook like a Top Chef” (one of my favourite shows).  In it there was a list of six ways to cook an egg, one of which was baked egg.  There wasn’t a[…]

Bacon Chili Cheese Burgers

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Published on: October 2, 2011

 I love a good burger, but it has to be a good one.  By that I mean using real mince, not the sand blasted beef bone stuff.  It has to have some quality cheese, processed slices just won’t do!  But above all it can’t have any beef tomato in it.  Nothing ruins a burger more than a slice of beef tomato.  It’s so bad, that everytime a “chef” puts a beef tomato in a burger,[…]

Rigatoni ai quattro Formaggi

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Published on: September 9, 2011

 So after the disappointment of Bottelinos “Rigatoni con Formaggio”, I decided to try to see if I could go one better… I had initially planned to use mascarpone cheese but I forgot it when doing the food shopping for the week!  I do this a lot, despite the fact that I have a list.  This is largely down to me buying the ingredients as I see them.  I have a rough idea what I want[…]

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