Poached Pork Fillet Roulade on a Polenta Fritter topped with Pepperoni Sauce

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Published on: August 3, 2012

 Out of all four courses I made for my dinner party, this was the one that required the most work, both in prep time and cooking.  The result however, was more than worth it.  After a few courses of lighter, subtle flavours I wanted to do something that had a lot of strong, meaty flavours and this dish has it in spades.  I didn’t want to completely destroy everyone’s taste buds though, so I’ve added[…]

Meatballs in a Heavy Tomato Sauce with Soft Polenta

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Published on: October 12, 2011

 I made this particular recipe from the Top Chef cookbook a couple of days ago but through work commitments I just haven’t had time to write it up properly.  It could also be that this made me so full I could barely move for three days… but I’m sticking to my work commitments story.  The sauce for these meatballs is incredible!  I simply could not stop eating it.  I realise a few people who have[…]

Soft Polenta

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Published on: October 10, 2011

 I’m growing to love Polenta and its unique flavour and texture.  I like how versatile it is, baked, fried or boiled… with cheese, with butter or with olive oil.  There are lots of ways to use Polenta and this recipe is perhaps one of the most common, using milk instead of water gives the Polenta a much richer taste.  I use this recipe a lot so instead of adding it to every recipe, I’ll just[…]

Marinated Pork Loin with Lemon Greens and Soft Polenta

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Published on: October 6, 2011

 To paraphrase Homer Simpson: “The Pig is a wonderful, magical animal. ”  Rarely have truer words been said.  There isn’t a single bit of meat on a pig that I wouldn’t eat.  Yes that includes, snout, trotters and intestines!  It truly is a magical creature.  Bacon makes everything taste better – it’s my “go-to” ingredient, if you’re making something and it’s not working out, just add Bacon.  There is only one type of Bacon that I[…]

Baked Egg with Polenta Fritters, Roast Tomatoes and Fried Chicken

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Published on: October 2, 2011

 I’m not entirely sure where the idea for this recipe came from.  I didn’t have anything listed for the Saturday in my menu so I had to come up with something there and then.  As it happened my new cookbook arrived “How to cook like a Top Chef” (one of my favourite shows).  In it there was a list of six ways to cook an egg, one of which was baked egg.  There wasn’t a[…]

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