White Gazpacho Martini

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Published on: October 9, 2013

 Course three of my tasting menu; a white gazpacho Martini with vanilla oil.  This recipe is borrowed from Hubert Keller, I saw him produce this as a dish on Top Chef Masters a year or two ago.  I like gazpacho, I did one for a picnic awhile ago and it went down really well.  Gazpacho is a summer dish so doing one in Autumn is a bit of a risk.  But rather than the typical[…]

The Forest Floor – Partridge Confit

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Published on: October 8, 2013

 The second dish from my tasting menu.  “The Forest floor” is the concept for this dish which consists of confit partridge leg, partridge pate, candied rosemary, beetroot jelly, a porcini and walnut soil and a moss like side salad.  I’ve added an additional bit of presentation by serving it on a banana leaf.  This dish turned out to be one of the favourites of the night or at least it had one of the favourite[…]

Smoked Salmon Sashimi with Watermelon & Wasabi Sorbet

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Published on: October 7, 2013

 This was the first dish from my tasting menu.  The key feature of this recipe is the watermelon and wasabi sorbet.  It is something I have wanted to do for a long time, ever since having wasabi ice cream a couple of years ago at Whatley Manor (probably the best meal I’ve ever had).  With that as my inspiration I felt that this would make for an excellent amuse bouche.  I love sashimi but it is[…]

Coriander Battered Prawns

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Published on: March 28, 2013

 I got a cookbook on coriander for my secret santa gift at work.  My “santa” knew I wasn’t the biggest fan of coriander but also knew that I liked to cook and ran this site… so it was a smart choice.  I’ve taken it as a challenge.  I don’t hate coriander, I just find people dump large quantities of the stuff on curries or other dishes without much thought, large amounts of coriander end up tasting like[…]

Pan fried Scallops and Chorizo in a White Wine Jus with a Wild Rocket and Pomodorino Tomato salad dressed in Black Truffle oil

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Published on: July 31, 2012

 Please excuse the longest title in the world for a dish (or an article) but I couldn’t really break it down.  I have to mention each ingredient as they are all essential to the complete dish.  I love how this dish is constructed, on one side is a basic surf and turf, on the other is a simple salad.  But, each individual component of this dish matches another.  You have sweet, delicate scallops with strong,[…]

The Spanish Frittata

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Published on: July 26, 2012

 Before anyone says it – I know Frittata’s are Italian!  It should be a Spanish “Tortilla de patatas” but I’m really making a frittata that contains spanish ingredients.  What’s the difference between a tortilla and a frittata?  Not much, but a frittata is generally fluffier and is usually finished in the oven, a tortilla is pan fried, flipped and is mixed with fried potatoes. This “Spanish Frittata” is fried potato, eggs, chorizo and onions, pan[…]

Mussels with a White Wine and Fennel Broth

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Published on: March 5, 2012

 This is my version of “Moules Marinieres”.  Moules Marinieres is quite simply, white wine, cream, shallots and herbs.  There’s nothing wrong with simplicity, it is a great way to do mussels but I want to add something extra!  By adding some celery and fennel to the mix we give can make a sharp(er) aromatic tasting broth. This can be made as a starter, served in small bowls or as a main course.  It takes very[…]

Salmon, Squid and Lemon Sole Ceviche

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Published on: October 12, 2011

 Ceviche seems to be the new Sushi.  It’s certainly becoming more popular and the cooked texture with the raw flavour and spice make it a little more accessible to those who don’t like the idea of eating raw fish.  The seafood is still fairly raw, even after 8 hours of “cooking” in the citrus fruits.  Because we add a lot of chili, lime and cilantro it takes away the strong “fishy” taste of raw seafood[…]

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