Chocolate Cremeux with Raspberry Pearls

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Published on: May 13, 2014

 My first dessert course for my tasting menu was a Dark Chocolate Cremeux with Caramel Mousse and Raspberry pearls, served on a piece of honeycomb.  This is meant to be a small and light dessert.  The cremeux is the center piece of this dessert, everything else is just in support of it.  This entire dessert can be made well in advance, which was handy because by the time we got to this course we were[…]

The Dessert Burger

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Published on: April 2, 2013

 I’ve always loved the idea of making a dessert burger.  I like making food a little whimsical and I love burgers so when my work’s cake club came around again (I made cookies last time) a dessert burger seemed like a pretty logical next step.  I figured someone, somewhere would have tried it but a quick search on google didn’t come up with much.  In fact, the only good example of a dessert burger I[…]

Dairy-Free Dark Chocolate Mousse with a Raspberry & Limoncello Granita

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Published on: November 2, 2012

 My final dish from my dinner party.  It was a nice, relaxing way to finish the meal as it can all be made well in advance, all that is required is to get the granita out of the freezer a few minutes before serving. My first challenge was to make a dairy free mousse.  I’ve made a mousse without any cream before and it turned out fine, although it was very rich.  This time, I[…]

Southern Comfort Chocolate Mousse

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Published on: October 10, 2011

 I love dessert, but neither Italian or Chinese cuisine are really big on it.  Italian is about big, simple dishes that should fill you.  Most Italian meals consist of an antipasti course, then a pasta course and finally a meat course… not much room left for a dessert.  The Chinese don’t really do sweet courses, most desserts are savoury.  So it’s fairly rare that I get the chance to do a dessert.  When you are[…]

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