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Published on: July 22, 2012

This weekend is going to be the first time since moving south from Aberdeen that I’ve had friends around for dinner – a bit of a poor effort considering I’ve been down here for over two years!  I’ve been given a slight challenge as the meal must be both lactose and gluten free and it has made me rethink a few of the dishes… I was going to have a wild rocket (Arugula) and goats cheese salad but goats cheese is a “no-no”.  Instead I’ve added Pomodorino (Pomodoro) tomatoes and dressed in it some English Black Truffle oil for some added flavour.  The guys in the Truffle Hunter stand at the Bristol food festival were selling all different kinds of truffle oil and butter and this rare english truffle is apparently good on salads.

My Chocolate mousse will be another challenge, I’m going to try making it with whipped coconut milk, leaving out the alcohol and instead topping it with a Raspberry and Limoncello granita.  I’ll be making it the night before (or maybe two nights in the case of the granita) – hopefully my Limoncello order arrives in the next day or two! I’ve appropriately made my order from the Limoncello deli – along with a few other Italian deli items I need, like Pancetta and Chorizo sausages.

The main courses’ roulade was going to have a Pistachio, Fennel, Onion and Cream filling but obviously I can’t do that anymore!  In fact, I experimented with the roulade tonight and it didn’t go as planned – I ran out of cling film and the whole thing came out a little dry too.  The Pistachio maybe adds to the dryness, so I’ll be replacing that with avocado, since I’m already using some for the Amuse Bouche and it also helps replace the cream.  I would normally use Apricot but it will be too sweet for the Pepperoni sauce… I think Avocado, Fennel, Basil and Orange might work?  It would also give a bit of contrast to the Pepperoni sauce.  I’m not yet sure what I will be serving alongside the main, but some kind of vegetable will be required.

The Amuse Bouche will be a bit of fun for me, my last Ceviche didn’t work all that well but as a one-bite it gives me a chance to experiement a little and correct the mistakes.  It should provide the perfect refresher for the meal to come.  I might have to change the fish to Seabass if Lemon Sole is unavailable.

I’ve half a mind to do a soup or a pre-dessert course but it’s probably going to be too much!  I’ll be putting all the recipes for the night on here.  All I need to do now is pick out the wines!  Anyway, here’s the menu as it currently stands:



Amuse Bouche: Lemon Sole and Avocado Ceviche


Starter: Pan-fried Scallops & Chorizo in a White Wine Jus with a Wild Rocket and Pomodorino Tomato salad dressed in English Black Truffle oil.


Main: Poached Pork Fillet Roulade (Avocado, Fennel, Basil and Orange) wrapped in Pancetta on Polenta Fritters topped with a Pepperoni Sauce. Accompanied by charred Yellow Bell Peppers and a Broccoli Puree.


Dessert: Chocolate mousse topped with Raspberry Limoncello Granita


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  1. Hi Chef, thanks for the mention, I do hope you enjoy our English Truffle Oil.
    Best wishes


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