Tropical Cocktail Competition


I’ve finally succumbed to the lure of running a competition.  In my defence, this competition has a purpose – cocktail ideas for my old man in Malaysia.  The challenge?  To create a cocktail involving tropical fruits.  Apparently the drinks cabinet in Malaysia is not moving very fast and needs to see some use.  So what’s in it for you?  A full cocktail shaker set, the same one I use at home, worth £60.  The set includes a Boston shaker, hawthorn strainer, bar spoon, bar mat, 4 speed pourers, a bar blade, muddler, 25ml and 50ml measures and ice tongs, as seen here:




The Rules:




As an example, here’s a cocktail I have done in the past that Phoebe and her friends seem to love – The Tropical Fizz:


2  Vodka

2 White Rum

1 Triple Sec

1 Peach Schnapps

1/2 Cherry Liqueur

8 Pineapple Juice




Shaken over ice, strained and a maraschino cherry dropped in.  Topped up with Lemonade and finally drizzled with grenadine from a bar spoon – usually with the person’s initial.



Cherry Liqueur could be a little difficult to get hold of in Malaysia but I could substitute it for something else or buy it in the duty-free shop.  So now you know what we are looking for, go get mixing… good luck!

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